DAS News

We are pleased to announce that our West Village project has been published on Apartment Therapy:

Name: David & John
Location: West Village, New York City
The apartment blends two distinct tastes, into a cohesive style: The traditional taste of John based on the Art Deco style of the building and David's modern tastes.
John, a Philadelphia born lawyer, with fairly traditional taste in interior design had lived in this West Village Art Deco condominium for fifteen years. It was furnished with a mix of old family pieces and antiques collected over the years for various former homes in Philadelphia, Washington DC and Connecticut. When David, a British architect and partner in DAS Studio (an architectural and interior design firm in Manhattan), moved into the apartment they decided it was an opportune time to redesign the space combining the best of both styles.
The result is an apartment that reflects two different tastes cohesively merged into one creating a calm and welcoming atmosphere.