Things We Like

It is Mid April, the taxes are done, and time to start new ideas! Each month we will feature designs, furniture, fixtures and appliances we find worth interesting. Good designs for some items are hard to find, for example; area rugs. We have found they are often very expensive for good ones or when not expensive they look cheap and are of low quality. Therefor we decided to start this series with introducing a rug designer we like, who addresses this issue very well.

Tania Johnson Design does custom contemporary hand-knotted rugs. She specializes in translating her textural photographs into ethereal designs. Every rug starts with an image that inspires her. The great thing about the carpets is that most of them can be ordered in different qualities knot, which makes them affordable to more of us while being beautiful and of good quality.

DAS Minimalist Easter Egg

Architectural Easter Egg

Architects like black.  It is minimal and classic, quite a contrast to the traditional painted Easter egg.  As children we enjoy painting Easter eggs in wild, colorful designs, but as adults our taste change.  So why not give this tradition an architectural twist, a little more in tune with a minimalistic taste? A Black Easter Egg!  It works very well with the yellows of Spring flowers like Daffodils and Forsythia. The pure black form contrasting with both the color and shape of the flowers.

For a little more color and fun why not attempt to recreate some twentieth Century art on the eggs? Maybe a little Mondrian or El Lissitsky like the two eggs below.